What music should I choose for my first wedding dance ?

wedding - What music should I choose for my first wedding dance ?

Here it is, you have made the big leap and decided to open the ball by performing a first wedding dance in front of your guests. Now is the time to choose which music will be featured during this magical moment of shared complicity.

It is not always easy to agree on a music that appeals to the two future newlyweds; it’s not so easy to find ideas for music either. Between hesitation, agreement and envy, the choice may seem complicated.

Depending on your style, personality and musical tastes, our teachers are there to guide and advise you. We will still try through this article to direct you so that you can find «the» music that will vibrate the audience on D-Day.


 How many songs for a first wedding dance?


1, 2 or 3 songs, it depends on what you want to achieve.

What is done the most and what is also the most effective in terms of learning choreography is the medley of 2 musics. It is a mix of slow, rather sweet music on which you will be able to bring out the romantic side of the opening dance. As a result, a mix is made, usually a «scratch» sound is added and the second music starts. Space for a change of ambiance, showing a more dynamic side. By letting the music turn at a stronger tempo and rhythm, you can invite your guests to join you on the dance floor at the end of your choreography.

You can also go on a single music with a well-defined theme (to bring out the emotional side and really complicit between you for example with a rather slow music ; but also choose a more rhythmic music on which you will perform your choreography with a more fun atmosphere).

The emotion and surprise for your guests will be there on your wedding day. Everything is played out in the intention that you will give while dancing, thanks to the advice of our specialized teachers.

Cult final scene from the mythical film  » Dirty dancing «. Dare to put yourself in the shoes of Baby & Johnny, don’t worry, we have a lot of variations to offer if you don’t want the choreography to be the same:

  • Mythical and classic, « You’re the one that I want » , the title of Grease will ignite the public
  • And I will always love you… An unforgettable love song that brought Whitney Houston to the peak of her glory. From the movie “Bodyguard”, nothing could be more romantic
  • When he takes me in his arms, he speaks to me quietly, I see life in pink,” Edith Piaf presents a classic refrain, full of feelings
  • Robbie Williams interprets « She is the one », a ballad that could not be more successful
  • Symbol of all conquests, the song «I Will survive» by Gloria Gaynor remains timeless and will ambiance the whole audience


The classic waltzes:

Modern waltzes revisited :

  • Composed by Patrick Doyle, the music of the «Harry Potter waltz» will bring all its charm to your first wedding dance
  • The Cinderella Waltz is the waltz of love. In a revisited version, discover variations of waltzes with modern movements that we add to your choreography:
  • In instrumental version or with lyrics, it’s up to you. The waltz music of “Beauty & the Beast” is the song of an eternal story…

The great romance hits :

  • Rewarded as one of the best vocal performances, this timeless song by Alicia Keys adapts perfectly to a first wedding dance full of emotion
  • Elton John’s «Your song», played by Ellie Goulding, you choose the version that best suits you
  • Alicia Keys is also strong with the title «Fallin’», just as mesmerizing
  • « Hallelujah » is the title that Kate Voegele shares here, but it exists in countless versions. A music that combines sweetness and pleasure

The classics of recent years:

  • Known by all, Ed Sheeran becomes a reference with his two romantic titles,«Perfect» and «Thinking out loud»
  • « At Thousand Years » is the title of Christina Perri that links emotion and sensation. Music from the “Twilight” saga evokes eternal love…
  • Beautiful music, «Halo», with Beyonce’s voice, let yourself be carried away by the melody
  • Music coming from out of nowhere, as its name suggests, involuntary, “Unintended”, it is through a musicality filled with emotion that the group Muse shares feelings of love and romanticism
  • Music with beautiful words, rhythm and tempo rather slow, entirely adapted for a first wedding dance. John Legend takes us with his voice and the instrumental of this song

The new titles:

  • Sia, LSD and others have teamed up to present «Thunderclouds», a beautiful music combining various tempos
  • « Too Good to Say Goodbye » – Bruno Mars
  • « Beating Heart » – Ellie Goulding
  • « The Scientist » – Coldplay
  • « Longtemps » (Long Time) by Amir, beautiful music for a ball opener, both in lyrics and musically. Simple, effective and romantic

Retro songs that always have their effects:

  • « No one » – Alicia Keys
  • « I put a Spell on you » – Nina Simone
  • « At Last »,magnificent title. Covered by Beyonce, this music is available in several versions, also covered by Celine Dion or Christina Aguilera…
  • « Something » – The Beatles :

The 2nd music or the more rhythmic music:

  • « Bang bang bang » – Will.I.am
  • « Crazy In Love », A music with a rhythmic tempo which brings the ambiance to your wedding night and to your choreography.
  • « Uptown Funk » – Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson
  • « What Is Love », Haddaway is THE mythical title of a good generation!
  • « Celebration » – Kool & the Gang
  • « September » – Earth, Wind & Fire
  • « Let’s Twist Again » of Chubby Checker, surely one of the most famous twists, on which many variations can be choreographed
  • « Pretty Woman » – Roy Orbison
  • « Everybody needs somebody », The fun, truthful title of the Blues Brothers, bringing atmosphere and joy to your first wedding dance
  • With the title «Think», Aretha Franklin remains one of the mythical and timeless artists:

Hopefully this has opened up some avenues of research; the main thing is that the music pleases the two bride and groom. So it will be as easy, to bring out the emotion in the dance on the wedding day.

So let yourself be guided by the notes, express yourself and make your choice among the innumerable existing titles, in original or revisited versions.